French cooking with Aurélie. And two cookbooks as GiveAway.

M esdames et messieurs - may I introduce: Aurélie Bastian. If you do not know it yet, you should catch up on it as soon as possible. Indeed, Aurélie is truly a wonderful and lovely example of French living. At least, imagine a Frenchwoman exactly like sitting in the far north and not being able to bake macarons: lively, lively, appropriately petite with dark hair, open-minded, with an incredibly likable accent and the most delicious French cooking.

I first met Aurélie at a blogger event a few years ago and immediately fell in love. She excused herself at the time for her inadequate German pronunciation - and all the time I just thought "damn! Universe, I want now this accent! "

 Aurelie Bastian Cooking cookbook French with Aurelie

Aurélie has been blogging in French since 2009, presenting recipes for delicious specialties from her homeland. "Funny, everybody is always crazy about my macarons", she wondered in 2011. And then later wrote a whole book * to. Now she shows that French cuisine has so much more to offer than the (admittedly stunning!) Colorful comical meringue bits.

In her new cookbook Cooking French with Aurelie * It shows classics of French cuisine and modern interpretations, which can also be delicious with the German ingredients. I had a lot of fun (and a lot of stomach growling) talking to you in Aurélie's new cookbook and bringing some great impressions. However, I can not take any responsibility for any spontaneous feelings of hunger. Sure, no.

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How about a Provisional Friendship Bread, for example? A flat yeast bread with fleur de sel, rosemary, thyme, olives and no elaborate "walking".

fougasse aus Cooking French with Aurelie

The Galettes au sarrasin are baked very thinly from buckwheat flour and stuffed with Gruyere cheese, tomatoes and boiled ham. Anyone who wants can of course also write something on it.

cook galette from French with Aurelie |

The patty for the burger a la francaise is made with duck meat and seasoned spicy. Of course, the rolls are homemade - with figs and walnuts. And the vinaigrette is heavily flavored with coarse-grained mustard. Délicieux!

burger francais from French cooking with Aurelie |

If you're not roasting for the Christmas season: The Poularde aux Mobiles et aux chataignes impresses with an incredibly aromatic sauce with ground morels (from the coffee mill or the smoothie mixer). Morel butter makes the duck's skin even more aromatic and crispy. There are chestnuts and blanched vegetables.

chapon aux morilles from French cooking with Aurelie |

The legendary classic of French bistro cuisine: the onion soup . With chicken broth, Port wine and without sealing, thick cheese topping.Pure chocolate made from dark chocolate, butter, eggs and sugar.

mousse au chocolat from French cooking with Aurelie |

If you've gotten really hungry and want to cook très français at home, here's a chance to buy one of two freshly printed copies of French cooking with Aurélie :

Leave a comment until Monday, October 19, 11:59 PM, why you absolutely must and immediately commit to French cuisine.

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Cooking French with Aurelie
Aurélie Bastian - Hardcover, 176 pages
Bassermann Inspiration
ISBN-10: 3572081939
ISBN-13: 978-3572081936
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