About Pho 1 Noodle and Grill and reviews

“Welcome To Pho #1 Noodle And Grill” Pho Is The Quintessential Vietnamese Fare And Is Eaten Anytime Throughout The Day. "Its Dark And Inviting Beef Broth Bring Conjure Up Warm Memories Of Home". The Intoxicating Spices Swirl Together, Creating A Myriad Of Flavors, Both Distinct And Yet Delicately Interwoven. The Chewy Noodles And Slices Of Savory Tender Beef Offer Up A Duality Of Textures When Compared To The Crisp Bean Sprouts. The Scents Of Fresh Thai Basil And Lime Compliment The Broth And Add A Layer Of Complexity. "Every Bowl Of Pho Is A Unique Experience, A Meal That Feeds The Soul." -Pho Weekly Enthusiast.


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    2201 S Oneida St Suite 1 

    Hours: MONDAY: 10am To 9pm 

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    Telephone: ( 920) 494- 3009 



Brant P.

Yum! Service is slower than slow! I think the whole family does everything but they need an extra server and cook. As for the food had the grilled pho and the Vietnamese sandwich and both are fantastic. I love chicken pho as you add as much hot sauce, soy, jalapeño, etc until you like it. Just be prepared for a long wait times even if no one else is in the restaurant. 4 star for food only...1 star for service. (Servers are nice just everything is slow moving).


Logan S.

I ordered this as delivery (through doordash) as I've heard from friends that the inside of the restaurant was gross but that the food was great.I ordered coffee, fried rice and a large bowl of pho.  The rice and pho were both big portion sizes.  They included all of the toppings in the to go containers that you would normally get in the restaurant, which I appreciated.  I felt the broth was okay, very bland without seasonings.  After adding in soy sauce, sriracha and a few other things it was a little better.  The jalapenos were cut randomly (in shape, length and width), rather than slices so all of the pieces were much larger than what you would expect to see and hard to eat.I thought the food was okay but nothing special.  I do not plan to return as there is another place in town that has incredible food and is priced similarly - Plia's.


Yacouba S.

Love love love the food.  The pho is just delicious.  The Ps Thai is on point.  Their in house coffee is a bit strong but really good.  Highly recommend this place. Ps : remarquable service from servers, ALL THE TIME.


Shannan D.

Terrible service - slow and inaccurate. I went with a group of five people and four of our orders were wrong. The orders we DID receive were flavorless. I don't expect a lot from Green Bay in terms of Vietnamese food, but this one was particularly bad. I find the place pretty messy and gross. Will not return.


Walter A.

A solid and unique restaurant for Green Bay, Wi. Good food, I am happy I visited PHO 1 Noodle and Grill. I ordered the #2 with extra meatballs and couldn't finish it all... well, I also ordered spring rolls and a coffee. I left very full and happy with no complaints. My only constructive criticism would be that, to my liking, the broth could have benefited from more spices. Nothing that the on-table condiments couldn't fix. On that point, their chili oil is HOT HOT.  One spoonful and my lips are tingling!


Jim H.

Sorry GB.  You deserve better.  Stick with the Pho wife said it was ok.  My rice dishWell another story.


Jeffrey C.

I liked this great find.  My wife and I had Pho, Banh Mi and rice with charred beef, all were very good and very flavorful. This will be my go to spot when traveling through Green Bay.


Jason B.

Any place that has a bhan mi on their menu is a place I will come back to, and if it's a good bhan mi, it's a place I will be craving.  Number 1 pho is such a place.  It may be a bit weird  love their banh mi's, and not their pho, but they are that good.  The pho is pretty good, a bit inconsistent in their flavor, but usually the best in town with a wonderful depth and flavor.  They do have quite a different number of styles available, all the same broth (mostly), but different proteins - all are good, and I suggest that you try some more traditional styles.It really is the number one pho place in Green Bay.


Emily K.

The rating itself is not changed. I am still madly in love with this place. I have tried some other menu items since I wrote my original review so it is only fair I update. #12: Steak Pho. One pho to rule them all? I think so. The broth is what is extra special here. The flavor of the pho with the fresh toppings of sprouts and basil are perfection. Appetizer spring rolls: Light and crisp you get two of them in the order. We always each have one and they are great with the little sauce they come with.#100 Pork Sandwich: We all know this is a banh mi sandwich. Hard roll packed with pickled veggies and tender pieces of pork. The sauce really cuts through the hard bread to make this sandwich to die for. I will have to always order this from now on.  I will always come back because the portion sizes are huge, quality is good and cheap!


Betsy K.

The customer service here was phenomenal. I have some dietary restrictions, and the wonderful employee who was so humble he did not even need his name mentioned steered me to the best items on the menu--not too high in fat, no seafood. I ordered the #12 Pho, Sliced Rare Steak, X-Large, .99. I also got a Coconut Smoothie Boba, . I missed boba so much, what a treat!The contrast between the hot, soothing broth of the pho and the cool, milky boba drink is idyllic on this cool Monday.I took my food to go tonight, and it was carefully and thoroughly packaged, with a bag over the styrofoam container to ensure no spillage.While the broth is more mild and seems to be less long-steeped than what with which  I was spoiled in Seattle and Los Angeles, it might just be that I had to watch it on the condiments tonight. The portions of basil, sprouts, and condiments were indeed generous. :)So many other menu items look delicious, including what I am hoping to try next--the veggie/tofu pho, yum!I was told there are only 3 pho spots in Green Bay, so I am thrilled that I found this place and gave eating out a chance in my new town!


Jesse T.

The bahn mi was amazing they made a special fried tofu version for me and my thai iced tea was perfect. I will be back, this was a win!!!


Katelyn L.

A few years ago I was introduced to the gloriousness of Pho 1 Noodle and Grill and have been back ever since. Nothing hits the spot on a cold day like some hot noodles. You can stop in for sit down service or grab some for home- either way is delicious. I love the options and how each bite is different than the others. I often go for the Extra Large #12- sliced rare steak. The best part about getting the extra large is LEFTOVERS! The steak is served rare, but is cooked when dropped in the hot broth. You're get a plethora of items to add (or not, your choice) to the broth. There's basil, bean sprouts, lime, onions and a couple of sauces to add spice. When my sinuses are acting up making it super spicy is a godsend. I have not tried any other Pho in the area, but this is so good I would hate to go elsewhere and be disappointed.


John P.

Once again tried the number #1 combo. The broth was excellent but I felt there were very few pieces of meat and vegetables.  Spring rolls with peanut sauce are very good. Overall my experience was good but rather pedestrian.  If you're looking for pho in Green Bay this is certainly a place you'll check out.


Tony D.

Open on Christmas Day! We are from out of town and were thankful to find this open. Nice guy greeted us and asked us to seat ourselves.We ordered spring rolls which were fresh and pretty tasty. We got a pad Thai which was unusual but good and Pho no. 7 which really hit the spot on a cold day. Real good choice. Reasonably priced as it should be.Definitely recommended.


The Adventures Of Guest A.

Amazing food , just awesome . No question about it if you want boba or Chinese food this is the spot


Laura O.

Today was my first time trying Vietnamese food and I have to say:  YUM!!I tried the Vegetarian Pho (which included tons of veggies and a few pieces of tofu).   I really liked the soup but the next time, I am going to order it without the tofu.  Tons of rice noodles, lots of veggies, and great flavor!  It comes with a separate plate including a lime wedge, jalapeños, bean sprouts, and fresh basil.   I added everything to the soup except the jalapeños.   It was filling and I have a ton left over, too.   It comes in Large and X-Large sizes.   The XL is huge enough for sharing (and plenty for tomorrow!)I also ordered the regular fried rice and it was delicious.  Even better with hoisin sauce (which is right on the table along with other sauces).My friend ordered the chicken stir fry and she liked it, too.   Huge portions with plenty left-over.We also tried the Iced Coffee with Condensed Milk- fantastic!   And I loved the Thai Iced Tea-- what a super sweet treat!


Max Quy D.

This is not a Vietnamese bowl of Pho or Charbroiled chicken rice dish, but it tell us this is must be some kind of Asian try to cook Vietnamese's food. My wife and I decided to get some Vietnamese food after a four hour drive from Chicago pass thru Green Bay, WI. The outside image looked ok but it didn't tell us how dirty this place would be as soon you walk thru the door. The  cashier area and the counter, a lady and a chef with dirty T-shirt and filthy hair. There were two young servers with dirty clothes, pants, shoes and hands.It isn't fresh Pho broth, it was instant broth (powder and hot water) that you can buy for 99-cents at any Asian marketplace. The Charbroiled chicken is fake with a red color on top of crumbled meat like cat food, green jalapeño slices big as your thumb, a little cup of mixed fish sauce like tea with sugar and salt...  This place could be better if the Owner, Chef, Servers cleaned up and made some fresh food, some clean cloths or dust the window corners, under table, mop the floor one for a month...


Elizabeth M.

The pho rare beef noodle soup was good. Their flavor was pretty good. We ordered a large and it only had a few pieces of beef. They were busy at lunch so the service was okay. Their Vietnamese hot coffee is delicious!


M L.

No...the pho here is not good at all. Noodles were slimy and break into pieces as soon as you pick them up. Tendons were raw and not fresh at all. The soup had a weird smell. I've had plenty of experience with pho before  and so I know it's not supposed to smell like that. Would not recommend at all.Oh by the way they put 15% tip on your card( in our case for 2 ppl) by default. The % is standard, yes, but how much to tip should really be the customers' discretion, not predetermined, not to mention the service wasn't that great at this place(took us forever to get attention from any of the waitstaff from beginning to end). If you have to come here, make sure you check your receipts and not overpay in tips.


Kao V.

The pho broth seemed watered down and the meat in the vermicelli noodle is dry. My sister-in-law's meat in her salad was still cold in the middle. She had them take it back. The Vietnamese sandwiches lacked jalapeño peppers and the bread used is not baguette. Not once did they come to check on us or came to refilled our drinks. It doesn't taste like the first them I went. I learned there were new owners. It is still the only pho restaurant in the area and for that, I will still visit if I'm in town. I will try other items on their menu.