Eating all day long with Stevan Paul and another toast, another egg with a view of the Elbe.

Amphora Hamburg How is that when a small dream comes true? Honestly: really great! And also a little exhausting. Since yesterday I am working with the great and totally likable foodstylist Stevan Paul and am busy with nothing but food from morning to night.

I peel potatoes, beat cream (semi-stiff!), Brush beans (there Do a trick), wash and season roast, stir in pots, sink pots, sink pans, sink plates, sink knives (no trick), knead flour butter and garden herb butter, try on and off stovetops and put Stevan on the fur, when he's doing a great plate again in record time. Then it's over to the set and the great plate is photographed great. It flashes, it beeps, all staring spellbound at the monitor, on which 5 seconds later the recording appears. Tension! Every new attitude is like a surprise egg to me. Everything is right? Is the food shown at its best? Is the napkin right? Does the spoon/fork/knife have to go a little farther to the left/to the right/upwards, or rather to the end? Some pepper on the front of the plate could still make it nice. Sometimes you get annoyed for minutes with a prop that simply does not want to behave harmoniously in the planned scene. Another centimeter to the left - then it fits all at once. It flashes again and the perfect photo is in the box. Everyone is happy. Then it goes straight to the kitchen for the next recipe. I'd better rinse a pot again first, it always helps.

Since last week, a very extensive production is running for a German food magazine. About 50 recipes are cooked, styled and photographed. And since Monday I'm there. Yesterday and today five recipes were realized. For the next two days are about 12 more and the title shoot on. A lot of wood, but the team works incredibly harmoniously together and is very well balanced.

I think very shy of my little Küchenknipserei while the photographer casually on a wooden board in the semi-darkness conjures a very soft, sun-drenched atmosphere. So beautiful! Maybe I should take another photo course to get the light under control a bit more. Sometime. But now I'm looking forward to the next two days and the coming prescriptions.

Although the whole thing is very positive and not stressful for me (definitely with much less adrenaline release than my job in the right one Life), I'm physically flat in the evening. The food life mainly takes place standing up. Everything really hurts me old office chair potato: the shoulders, the back, the legs, the feet. That's why in the evening at home is no longer thinking about cooking. The Asia snack bar and the corner are definitely looking forward to our regular visits this week.

There will probably not be a delicious recipe until the weekend - as the recipes and pictures from the shoot will not be available until the weekend Magazine shown.Outside, there are tables and chairs under awnings in a long row on the wall of the house. On request wool blankets are served. So you can treat yourself in cold weather, the view of the Elbe and tidy Hamburg wind around the nose. It's just too cold outside? It does not matter, because the inside of the amphora is also very relaxed:


Eating all day long with Stevan Paul and another toast, another egg with a view of the Elbe.

 Amphora Hamburg

You probably find the Amphore in almost every Hamburg travel guide as an excursion tip. But if you really want to experience real Hamburg atmosphere, visit the Amphora in the morning right in the morning when it opens and the people from the neighborhood come over for a breakfast. There is a rich breakfast menu, but my favorite breakfast is toast with butter, organic egg and coffee. Very simple, very tasty.

Eating all day long with Stevan Paul and another toast, another egg with a view of the Elbe.

In addition a good portion of Hamburger Wind, the sun breaking through the clouds (and shining on the toast), a little moan and the tugs and ferries passing by on the big river - there is the big freedom with a little bit of relaxation in the morning suddenly very close.

Eating all day long with Stevan Paul and another toast, another egg with a view of the Elbe.

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