Gin stewed salmon in herbal coat with wasabi mayonnaise

F I have to swim. No question. The winged word is already so old that you can not understand so exactly where it actually comes from. The assumption that fat smoked fish is then no longer quite so capital in the stomach with a schnapps then seems very plausible. Yes, yes.

By the way, today I've been laughing at a not so big, capital fish: half a fresh organic salmon side. And that may even swim before consumption in a very special liquor: gin.

Salmon pickling in gin #recipe #gourmetguerilla

Although "swimming" is an exaggeration. The little fish is first gently rubbed with gin and then wrapped in an illustrious blanket of salt, sugar and herbs. Packed airtight, it can spend a whole day in the fridge. If somebody should ask themselves now "what should come out of this experiment please ... salt, sugar ... Gin?", I can calm down completely:

Pickling for Salmon Ingredients #gourmetguerilla #recipe

Pickling is the name given to this type of preparation, which deprives the fish of water, starts a fermentation process, makes it more durable and incidentally still with the most beautiful flavors outfits. Everyone knows the final product from the food department of a certain Swedish furniture store: there is the ready-stained salmon as Gravad Lax with a sweet honey-mustard sauce in the refrigerators. But also in the other Scandinavian countries one stands very much on this non-smoked specialty.

Salmon stew organic salmon #recipe #gourmetguerilla

I was actually a little bit upset when I saw the salmon lying in all its glory before laying it cold and then gently dabbing it dry. Mostly, salmon are known either slice by slice and vacuum-packed or in the same size as TK bars in the pack. Then he has nothing at all from his original form and almost becomes a completely different, disembodied food.

Half a salmon side, on the other hand, inspires respect. The color and structure of the fish, the size, the great pattern of the skin - just everything. And if the respect at the sight does not adjust directly, just throw a quick look at the receipt. Imposing!

A special fish with a special preparation method - you guessed it already: Today I treat myself to something very special. And special thanks to the great Stevan Paul for inspiration.

Salmon stewed in gin with herbs dressing with wasabi mayonnaise #recipe # gourmet guerrilla

Here comes the recipe: salmon stewed in gin with herb dressing with wasabi mayonnaise

½ fresh organic Salmon side with skin rinse with cold water and pat dry with kitchen paper carefully.

40g sugar with 30 g salt mix. Finely cut 1 bunch of dill . Finely grate the skin 1 lime and mix with the dill. Put the salmon on the skin side in a bowl (careful!Cut the salmon off the skin.

½ bunch dill and 1 bunch chives finely cut and put on a large piece of cling wrap to distribute. Put the salmon on top and beat the foil so that the salmon gets a herbal coat. Press gently. Remove the foil and serve the salmon.

Gin stewed salmon in herbal gum #recipe #gourmetguerilla

I've served my sashimi-style pickled salmon in not too thin slices with a swab of wasabi mayo: 3-4 tbsp full-fat mayo to taste with some wasabi stir the tube . Season with 1 dash of lime juice and some salt .

Stained in Gin Salmon in herbal coat #recipe #gourmetguerilla