Tofu in black pepper sauce with spring onions

I ch would like to thank two great people for this wonderful recipe, without which our dinner would not have been possible today.
1 .: Yotham Ottolenghi, who made the recipe in his cookbook "Pleasantly vegetarian" has published. And 2: Anke Gröner, who wrote on this blog some time ago about this recipe (and had it twice for lunch and dinner), so I remember it today.

I can You betrayed in advance in advance: The secret lies in the not insignificant amount of butter, which makes a unique connection with the standard ingredients of Asian cuisine. Who would have thought that? Butter, ginger, chilli, garlic ... a few shallots - and you want to kneel before the sizzling pan. Adding soy sauce and copiously crushed black pepper makes the whole thing like a little concert in the mouth. The crackle of green spring onions adds the finishing touches and makes you want all the time just tofu in black pepper sauce (I think I could easily break Anke's record).

By the way, those who still claim that delicacy "Tofu is boring, tasteless and tastes like roofing felt, the ... - oh nonsense, that can not happen."

Tofu in black pepper sauce with spring onions

Here's how it works for 2 people:

(I have slightly modified the original recipe to our liking.)

Cut 400g tofu into large cubes and turn into starch . In a pan, heat 1 cm high vegetable oil strongly and fry the tofu cubes in portions until they are brown on all sides. Drain on kitchen paper .

3cm of fresh ginger , 5 cloves of garlic and about 10 shallots peel and chop. Cut 4-5 not too sharp large chili peppers into thin strips. Melt 125 g of butter in a pan over a low heat and simmer gently for about 10 minutes.

Then 2 tablespoons of sugar and 8 tablespoons of soy sauce and simmer briefly. Pound 2 tablespoons of black pepper in a mortar (or with the bottom of a frying pan on a counter) and place in the pan.
Cut 1 bunch of spring onions
into pieces about 4 cm long and place them under the sauce with the tofu cubes.

Serve immediately. This fits Basmati or Cauli rice.

Tofu in black pepper sauce with spring onions