Incredible herb Camembert from the grill

L eut, I've never asked for anything from you. Now the time has come:


The great thing about this whole cooking is, among other things, the paging in cookery magazines and books, the anticipation when you've found an exciting new recipe to try out right now. Because it looks so delicious and so great and so promising.

Even better, if the work on your own plate still looks great and tastes good (so the whole anticipation and effort was well worth it) ).

But it really does blow me off the cooking apron whenever my expectations are surprisingly exceeded. And so it was with this recipe from the delicious on the way. Who thinks of Camembert's incredibly intense taste sensations? Ask for a hand sign! Do I see a hesitant message at the very back? Oh, that was just a wave. Exactly - the common Camembert from the cheese shelf in the supermarket ranks somewhere between Mozzarella and Young Gouda. Rather neutral to quarky creamy. Giving me some fresh herbs seemed to me a good, but not a record-breaking idea.

But what happens to our passive Camembert when we introduce it to the grill pan wrapped in a few herbs is one Unimagined metamorphosis. The time required: 5 minutes. The result: Love forever.

I'm completely excited about the dinner and since then I fantasize the whole time only of cheese with intense herbal aroma, the outside cheerfully bubbles bubbling and then his tender melting inside on mine Teller pours ... (The best and bravest man of all has been secretly resigned to the fact that it now Camembert off the grill 2 times a week.)

All you need is a use -Camembert, a small handful of fresh herbs, some kitchen yarn and a heat source:

Two stems each arrange fresh thyme, oregano, parsley and
2 bay leaves per side on the camembert. Then knot with kitchen yarn into a packet.

And that's it then. Now heat a grill pan on a medium heat (a real outdoor grill does it of course also wonderful) and grill the herb Camembert packet on each side for about 4 minutes. Keep an eye on the cheese so it does not burn or melt completely on the grill. If you do not have a grill pan or a proper grill available, you can fry the cheese in a standard pan at high temperature for a short while.

If the surface is partially tenderly roasted and forms small bubbles, the cheese is finished. The herbs are allowed to germinate calmly - that does not matter. Carefully remove the packet from the grill with a palette or a spatula, place it directly on a plate and serve. Use a sharp knife or pair of scissors to loosen the kitchen yarn and lift off the herbs.

And then experience the molten interior pouring like lava from a small volcano on the plate ... (do not worry, I'll catch you too) come back soon.)

Serve with bread and/or vegetables.