Profits, profits, profits! The thank-you-for-1000-Likes-and-you-are-so-so-good-oh-what-I-say-great! - Raffle

L all, today I would like to say thank you . Thank you for visiting me regularly at GourmetGuerilla, commenting on posts, writing nice emails, sharing my pictures on Pinterest, following bloglovin and liking me on facebook. Today, of all things Christmas, the 1,000 fan on Facebook GourmetGuerilla liked - I am thrilled and am very happy about it! THANK YOU!

It's like this: feedback from readers is like motivational feed. Bloggers now and then feel like a lonely radio operator, sitting in his dark room under the light of a small lamp, sending messages into the big wide world: Bssssssssbbriizztellllllbsssssssssss ... hello, hello ... here comes a recipe/pattern/DIY guide/a deco idea/a great source for wedding accessories/an opinion on technology or an exciting location tip. For this purpose, it was lovingly devised, tried out, crafted, cooked, photographed, researched, written and invested a lot of time and a great deal of heart and soul. That was great fun, was great, surprising, stupid, delicious or whatever and now you can know it all out there too ... Hello, hello ... Bssssssssbbriizztellllllbsssssssssss ... And then you wait for a reaction, a sign of life, an answer from the wide room.

If the "hello, hello" just fades away, it can be quite difficult. If one finds that several hundred people have read an article on which one has worked for 5 hours, but not a single reader left a comment or pressed the Like button, the radio operator drops in the light of his small lamp let's have the courage: "They all thought that was stupid. Maybe I should not go to hell again. "Blogging is a one-people business. That's why you need external feedback so you do not just stew your own juice. Blogging, bloggers and blog readers thrive on interaction and communication. So feed your bloggers regularly with feedback! Then they're happy to keep their healthy bite and shiny coat (well, you know).

I'm excited about the 1,000 likes - this signal that GourmetGuerilla pleases you - very, very, very much , That's why there's a bit of luck back in nature today: a thank you raffle (see the full, very long title above) with great prizes. At the bottom of the star you will learn how to join in easily. Good luck!

1 KitchenAid Artisan blender in anthracite with glass container and as an extra:
the new kitchen mix container

Whether you Are you a beginner or you already have a lot of experience? With the right tool you just have more fun in the kitchen. A combination of technology, function and modern design: this is the KitchenAid Artisan Blender/Blender, with which you can easily mix with 550 watts at the touch of a button. Various programs allow hitting, stirring, mixing and crunching ice for cocktails. In addition, you can look forward to the new kitchen mix container with 0.75 l capacity for small portions. During mixing, liquid ingredients can be poured through a hole in the closed lid - not just for pesto or mayonnaise. The kitchen mixer bowl will be available as of 2013 in a set with the Artisan blender - so the winner can be one of the first to try the set. Incidentally, the blender containers can also be installed in the dishwasher with the knife attached. I use the blender myself regularly (for example, here and here) and find that everyone needs such a thing in their kitchen.anthracite kitchen mix container. WINNING FOUNTAIN:
Fountain of Youth - 24 cans of natural coconut water energy drink

Fountain of Youth is a natural "energy drink "Made from 100% fresh, pure coconut water. This is the clear liquid from the inside of a young, green coconut. It is naturally very nutritious and packed with vitamins and minerals, and for Fountain of Youth neither sugar nor preservatives have been added. Not only does FOY have a cool design that I fell in love with immediately, let's also tell you the exciting and beautifully illustrated story here, when the monkey came to the fountain of youth. Cult! You can win a package of 24 cans of 0.5 l each.

3 x 3 cereal packages by GUSTALAVIE - organic mueslis with funny names and full flavor

GUSTALAVIE is a small family manufactory from southern Germany, which since 2012 offers mueslis according to its own recipes. The ingredients come from certified organic farming and are put together to three delicious Muesli mixes with particularly friendly names. They make each breakfast table in a good mood:
The cereal "Breakfast as in heaven" with gently roasted nuts, "So wild for your berry mouth" with plenty of fruity-fresh raspberries and "On the beach of El Cabrito" with delicate milk chocolate Chocolate drops and sweet banana flakes. All mueslis are refined with invigorating spices and can be classically prepared with milk as muesli or with water as cereal porridge. You can win 3 packages with 3 varieties each. You can also visit GUSTALAVIE on facebook: click .

2 DELINERO gift baskets with selected delicacies

DELINERO is the online store that sells special products and delicacies directly from producers in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria and Greece. As a result, the products are up to 50% cheaper than in retail and also saves ways to wholesalers and middlemen. Very exciting is e.g. also the dry aged beef directly from the producer from Germany. You can win 2 gift baskets with delicious products exclusively created for GourmetGuerilla. (Dear vegetarians and vegans, this pack contains meat and pet products, please let me know if you really do not want to win this pack.)

If you want to win one of these prizes, just write me a comment until December 31, 2012, which you will definitely read, see or see on GourmetGuerilla next year

If you have multiple comments, the random number generator decides (as always). The legal recourse is excluded.

The shipping of the profits takes place directly over the manufacturers or shops. The address data will only be stored for shipping and not forwarded to third parties.

I would like to thank my partners KitchenAid, Michelberger, GUSTALAVIE and DELINERO for providing the profits.

And now: good luck, everyone!