“Welcome To Pho #1 Noodle And Grill” Pho Is The Quintessential Vietnamese Fare And Is Eaten Anytime Throughout The Day. "Its Dark And Inviting Beef Broth Bring Conjure Up Warm Memories Of Home". The Intoxicating Spices Swirl Together, Creating A Myriad Of Flavors, Both Distinct And Yet Delicately Interwoven. The Chewy Noodles And Slices Of Savory Tender Beef Offer Up A Duality Of Textures When Compared To The Crisp Bean Sprouts. The Scents Of Fresh Thai Basil And Lime Compliment The Broth And Add A Layer Of Complexity. "Every Bowl Of Pho Is A Unique Experience, A Meal That Feeds The Soul." -Pho Weekly Enthusiast.


  • GreenBay, WI 54304

    2201 S Oneida St Suite 1

    Hours: MONDAY: 10am To 9pm

    Hours: TUESDAY: Closed.

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    Telephone: ( 920) 494- 3009